Energy And Utilities

At Arita, we take pride in our role as a trusted IT partner, delivering exceptional contributions to the Energy and Utilities sector in the state of Qatar. Our commitment to innovation and technological excellence has enabled us to play a pivotal role in enhancing the operations and infrastructure of this critical industry. By providing cutting-edge solutions and strategic insights, we have empowered energy and utility companies to meet the growing demands of the modern world while ensuring efficiency, sustainability, and reliability. With a strong focus on innovation and a proven track record of success, Arita continues to drive progress in the Energy and Utilities domain, contributing to Qatar’s sustainable growth and development.

As the Energy and Utilities sector becomes increasingly connected, cybersecurity is paramount. Arita’s cybersecurity solutions protect critical infrastructure from cyber threats, ensuring the uninterrupted flow of energy and utilities while safeguarding against potential cyberattacks. Few of the case studies in the area of energy and utilities are given below

Case studies

Case Study 1

Arita proudly assisted one of Qatar's foremost Oil and Gas companies by providing skilled staff across various departments, spanning both IT and non-IT domains. Our tailored staffing solutions ensured that the company had the right expertise and manpower to meet its diverse operational needs. From technical experts to administrative professionals, our dedicated team helped the organization optimize its workforce, enhancing efficiency and productivity. This collaboration exemplifies Arita's commitment to delivering comprehensive staffing solutions that empower businesses to thrive in the dynamic and demanding Oil and Gas sector.

Case Study 2

Arita recently wrapped up a Business Impact Analysis (BIA) project for one of the Middle East's top 10 companies, specializing in power generation and water desalination. This company holds a dominant position as a supplier of electricity and water in Qatar, commanding a significant market share of 55% in electricity and 73% in water supply. The BIA process, undertaken by Arita, played a pivotal role in pinpointing the most crucial business functions within the organization and evaluating the possible outcomes of any disruptions to these functions. The insights gathered from the BIA results are invaluable in crafting strategies for ensuring business continuity and planning for disaster recovery, bolstering the company's resilience in the face of potential challenges.

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