We work with some of the best in the industry to provide Identity Governance & Administartion to Large Enteprises.

Key aspects of IGA that our engineers have expertise are:

  • Identity Lifecycle Management
  • Entitlement Management
  • Access Requests
  • WorkFlows
  • Policy & Role Management
  • Auditing, Reporting & Analytics


We offer solutions from some of the best solutions in the Privileged Access Management (PAM) space.

Utilizing PAM solution, we can help you manage Privileged Users who usually have access to the entire network and help your organization comply to Security & Governance policies and mitigate risks from malicious Insiders.


User authentication tools verify that only authorized users can access applications and company accounts.

We offer systems designed to ensure that only the right people can access the right business systems, and they offer a range of features that help to enhance account security.